How I became a call girl

I am in early 30 and I am high class escort in central London. I have this part time job without my family knowing.

You would wonder why I choose to do that? Well believe it or not, I am doing it for pleasure and of course for the money. It’s good money. I have days when I earn very good, almost a full salary I used to earn to my old job.

There years ago I was in a coffee shop, by myself. enjoying a good coffee at the terrace. Suddenly I see two stunning ladies passing by. They were very well dressed and you could tell they took very good care of themselves. They sat near me and started talking about their job. They were high class escorts. They keep talking about their customers and their glamorous lives and their travelling. I was shocked to find out they travel so much in all this exotic places and they get payed for it. And not to mention all the fancy dinners they have in the best restaurants in London. And final, but not least, the sex. If you are a sex lover, in all it’s form. than this job sounds like the perfect job. I couldn’t stop ear dropping. I need it to hear where they work and I found out they work for an escort agency.

I went directly home and looked for this agency. I’ve seen on their website only stunning ladies, all dressed only from designers. I said it couldn’t be that bad since the website were full of stunning ladies.

At that moment I realised I want to try it myself, I wanna try to become a high class escort.

I called the agency and told them I want in. And I got in.

Next thing you know I had my first job. I was lucky to have my first client a 40 years old man, very good looking and well potent financially. He took me to a fancy dinner, were we really enjoyed our time together. We spend 3 full hours together and I really liked it.

I was so excited about the money and the experience itself that I called the agency and asked for another job. And then for another and another and so on for years.

Of course not all the meetings are perfect but still they are okay. And If you don’t like a client you can decline with no problem. For me it is the perfect job, because I like to dress up and meeting all this new men and flirting with them. It is like you are on a first date every time, with butterflies in your stomach.

It’s been a couple of years now since I work for a escort agency in London and I am sure I will want to continue. I don’t know when I’m gonna end it. The thing is I like What I am doing, I have no idea when all this time went by and how I got here but I am happy I got to hear those ladies in the coffee shop. Those ladies changed my life and in a positive way!

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