Things to do in Central London

London is one of the favorite cities of the world! That is why, while you will be spoiled for choice in every corner of the city, it is visiting the heart of this city – Central London – which is truly a feeling that no other place in the world will give you.

So fasten those seat belts as we zoom through the several unique activities that you can indulge in and places you can get lost in, and all of this in Central London!

1. Watch a play at the Globe Theatre:

Yes! The theatre that is well known from the Shakespearean era was indeed burned, rebuilt and brought to the ground again. But the theatre was re-made in the late 1990s, in the heart of the city maintaining as much of its traditional design that it possibly could. Watching a play at the Globe Theatre is an experience in itself and some of the best plays are put up out here, throughout the year.

2. Southbank Centre:

If you are a food lover and are tired of all the high end restaurants, then you will love the food market at Southbank Centre that sees amazing food stalls coming up every weekend so that you can visit the Queen Elizabeth Hall and other important places on a happy and full stomach. Whether you’re looking braised pork cheeks or spicy korean barbecue, it’s all out there for you to relish.

3. Head to the new version of Foyles:

If you’re a bookworm, you’ll be in paradise once you set foot in the new Foyles bookshop that has opened up in the former Central Saint Martins headquarters. beautifully designed by architects, the 37000 sq ft. bookstore has over 2,00,000 books. With a smart bistro proving mouth-watering dishes and several literary book readings happening regularly, this is one of the best bookstores to be at if you’re looking for some quiet time.

4. Drink on the Tube:

Londoners are obsessed with public transport and that is why we recommend you visit Cahoots, an impossibly cool theme bar located at Soho. It is built in an air-raid shelter and is designed as a tube station during the war times, complete with all the signs and antique designs. If you have always wanted to have a drink on the tube and not get jailed for it, this would be the right time.

5. Adrenaline rush at the Tower Bridge:

The insanely famous Tower Bridge just had a glass floor built on the tall walkways. This means that as you walk on it, you can look down on to the roads and the river Thames that flows beneath it. There are six glass panels and each one of those is 11 meters in length and weighs a whopping 500 kilograms. It is not meant for the faint hearted, but is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


There are innumerable things that you can do in Central London – from shopping to visiting parks. However, we have gone down the the lane that tourists don’t travel much and have come up with unique and exemplary places that you must visit if you are in Central London! So you can either do what everyone else is doing, or just dare to be different!

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