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Finding love in an unexpected place

A few business trips in London changed my life. Simple as that. You might ask yourself why and how?

A few months ago my boss told me I will have to do several trips to London in order to solve some technical issues. I was excited at first and then I realised what I can do for fun there. I looked up online and came across a London escort agency and said to myself I’ll give it a go.

I got a quick shower, shaved myself and called the agency to make an appointment with a brunette. In 30 minutes arrived a tall brunette with high heels on. I was amazed by her beauty.

She had a slim figure with an angelic face. Stunning! Also the dress she had on her would make any men looses his mind. And this happened to me as well. I lost my words and didn’t know what to say. I just offered her a glass of champagne and all went from there.

I could honestly say I had the most amazing night from my life. It was memorable for sure.

Of course the next time I had to come in London, I would try to meet up with her again. I could not wait for next meeting.

The following month I was in London again, and the the next month as well and so on for about a half of year. This girl was in my mind day and night. I couldn’t get her out of my head. I don’t know if it was her body or what she could do with that body but I was hypnotised. I was so into her I asked her to quit her current job and to be always available for me. I would support her financially and help her to find another job. Thing that she did. She had something for me as well. I was not a customer anymore, as she often used to say it to me. I was her lover. She didn’t have the courage to call me her boyfriend, even though I was telling her to see me like one. The more I got to see her the more I wanted her company. img_6098

After 7 months, I realised I wanted more from her, I wanted to have her only for me for the rest of my life. And I got what I wanted. I took her back with me in the States and started a real relationship with her. After to realise, I got in love with a former escort. I could’t imagine this thing will ever happen to me but it did.

It’s been a year now, since we are together and the love goes stronger every day. She makes me the happiest man ever. And you could tell she makes all the effort to maintain me happy.

Now, I am sure some people will disapprove having a relationship with an escort but I think when you find love you have to go for it, and not look so much into details. Because I think her former job is a detail that doesn’t matter.

So thanks London and cleopatra agency for helping me find love.

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The joy of having an understanding and loving man!

My husband and I are a young married couple and one of our passion, is to travel. We often choose to make a city break, depending on our budget and our mood. We’ve been all over the world, in Europe, in Thailand, in Dubai, Japan, etc but our best trip and memories were always made in United Kingdom, in London, to be more precise.

London is our soul city. It is number one on our list. Maybe it is because I work in the fashion industry and I get to attend to all the glamorous fashion shows or maybe it is because the night life and all the diversity you get by staying there.

I get to travel with my work every year in September, because of all the fashion show that takes place in that period. The weather for me, on that month, it’s perfect. Not to warm not too hot. I get to wear all my fancy shoes and coats, which it’s absolutely perfect because I never have to worry about what i am gonna wear there.

Every time I get this opportunity to travel with work, I get my husband along. Being newly weds we enjoy our company and we try to keep connected spiritually and physically as much as possible when we are abroad. And every time September comes we are very excited because we know we’ll be in London, having a great time.

So, as a young couple in an exciting, vibrant city we like to try new things. We always are trying different cousin, like asian or indian food. We found an amazing Italian restaurant in central London, called Piccolo. Everyone should try it if they like Italian food.

A more exciting experience we had in London was a threesome.Yes, threesome, my husband, I and another girl. The other girl was a high class escort we found online. You can find all type of escorts, but we preferred one who looks very good and likes couple. For us she need it to be bisexual, because I like girls as well and I like getting out of my comfort zone with them, if you know what I mean.
For some it might sound crazy but for us it is a normality. You have no idea how letting a third person coming in your life can improve your sexual life.
We liked so much the first girl we met in London, that we always look for her when we are there. She is a tall blonde, with medium breast and long legs. She is perfect, in my opinion.And has a soft and sweet voice, which is music for my ear. And she knows very well a woman’s body, because she knows what to do it and touch the right spot. She always finds a way to surprise me, even we’ve met so many times.

It’s such a fulfilment to have an understanding man beside you and to be open to all thins kind of things. My husband had a very good reaction when I first told them that I want to have another woman in my bed. He reacted very well and told me he can fulfil my desire anytime I want. And he agreed the first time we went to London to meet up with another girl and since then we do it almost all the time. This makes me very happy and my husband even happier. He is happy for me and for the whole experience with two ladies. He doesn’t get neglected by the the girl. He has some special needs and desires that can only be fulfilled by an expert in such thing. So, in my opinion, I think it is a win- win situation for the both of us.

I get a nice sensation when I get touched by a woman’s hand and I like the feeling so much. You get the sweetness from the woman and the hardness from the man. It is a perfect combination. I also love how important and strong my husband feels when we go to dinner and he is accompanied by two sexy ladies, one lady on each arm. You can see how confident he is and how excited he gets when he sees us, the ladies, both all dressed up, with nice high heels and sexy dresses. And he love the jealousy he see in others men eyes. You can tell. in that moment, he is the Alpha man in the room. Everyone should get this feeling, at least once in his lifetime.

Every time we go out to dinner, the all three of us, you can see how men give us long looks and turn their heads around. You can see in their look that they are jealous of him and they wish to be in his place.

Another look we get often is from the receptionist from the hotel. She or he always look suspicious to us. We always find it very funny and make the most of it. Sometimes we make scenarios where the sexy receptionist is involved in our threesome. Maybe some day it will happen. Than, for sure the experience will be more memorable.

This is the thing about London, it makes you try all this different things. It makes you open to new experiences and it’s like it whispers in your ear to try all this new crazy things. This is what London does to any person that visit it and it is willing to explore the city and what it has to offer. My friends told me they adventure in London as well and they didn’t regret it anything unusual they ever tried there. It gives you a whole new perspective about life.

I don’t have enough words to describe you what a great destination London is. From unique food to unique people, London is for sure on the top.
We would go there any time, any hour!
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